Nicholas Avery Walstrom, better known in the world of YouTube Poop as WalrusGuy, holds the unique position of being one of the biggest, most infamous and most influential YouTube Poopers of all time. One of the Big Three of 2007-2010, his use of simple, accessible jokes and editing during the “War on AIDS” era led much of the inner community to deride his work as overrated and effortless, and lamented the mass appeal that his videos held and the audiences that it attracted, things that led to a relatively skewed perspective of YTP from the outside world due to his scope of influence. Despite all of this, he persisted in his work and is subsequently appropriately recognized by the community at large for the true genius that lay within his videos and his comedic setups. His big claim to fame lies mostly in the videos he made that used CDi, Dr. Rabbit and Arthur, with “Dr. Rabbit is Racist!” “Arthur’s Massive, Throbbing Hit” and “One More Final: I Need You(Tube Poop)” being three of his very biggest and best works. He is also known for the many copyright battles against Colgate that he had over his Dr. Rabbit YTPs eventually resulting in a real-life court case, and for a real-life YouTube Poop Movie that he was planning in the early 2010s with the intention of releasing it to various film festivals, presumably never finished. His meticulous craft of his videos plots and the frame-by-frame animation of the characters in his videos have earned great praise from other flash poopers, and his current life as an animator seems one very befitting to a man of his expertise. His work can be found in the archive below.

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