Yamino is one of the credited founders of YouTube Poop, himself a veteran of YTP birthplace Sheezyart, and is sometimes credited alongside real-life friend DukeOfFortuneMan for giving YouTube Poop its name. His videos often contained the early staples of Power Rangers, Fred Phelps and Inuyasha, and he and Duke also are known for making humorous dubs of various shows together. He was a long time admin on the YouChew forums, serving off and on from 2008 until definitively stepping down in 2011, sometime after notably playing a very pivotal role in the infamous Oz scandal in helping to bring down its namesake. He hasn’t been seen very much since then in the YTP community and one can only wonder what he has been up to in the years that have followed. What has been saved of his work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive