Some older YTPers say that with regards to the original spirit of YouTube Poop, which had to do with uploading shitposts to YouTube in order to confuse, irritate or get some other kind of rise out of people, that MeiAIDS was the individual who perfected it and took it to the extent of its traditional roots hands down. So dedicated was Mei to this ideal that he often was at the root of several controversial but hilarious moments in the YTP community between 2008-2010. He lost an untold amount of YouTube accounts, inspired a legion of impersonators which led to a rumor that he was “10% of the YTP community”, stole other people’s YTPs, hacked YouTube to temporarily replace every video thumbnail with Piano-chan (relics of this survive on a couple of videos even today), got himself banned from the YouChew forums twice, and inspired damn near anyone who has ever watched his videos. He was a staunch individualist and even as YouTube Poop changed drastically around him, he worked valiantly against the grain and even took pot-shots at some of the prevailing attitudes in videos like his 2010 classic “The Youtube Poop Community Is Bad”. Some of his videos’ content is considered very offensive in today’s internet, replete with slurs and other obscenities, while others are considered absolutely brilliant, namely his trap videos and his more semi-traditional YTPs. All three make up his work in roughly equal measure, which signifies that MeiAIDS was a creator that, moreso than probably almost anyone on the planet, gave absolutely zero fucks. What is known of his work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive