Of the four post-Boogidyboo Robotnik YTPers, PoJ (now “pej”) was a considerable underdog. He took the longest of the four to break 1,000 YouTube subscribers despite having an undeniable talent at his craft and a razor-sharp sense of humor with a signature brand that could be found in all of his videos from late 2009 onward. He was perhaps also, along with LieutenantGwo, the most willing to deviate from just Robotnik, often featuring Dragon Ball Z and Metal Gear associated material amongst many other things. His most popular YouTube Poop on his original channel ended up being his last, “JOSH TRANSCENDS MORTALITY”, which managed to reach 37,000+ views and signified a very clear connection to Imaperson in terms of editing-style relation and source choice. His other well known works from this period include “Robotnik Orders a Pizza”, “MRS. NESBITT IS DIAGNOSED WITH VAGINAL ATROPHY”, “KING KOOPA DOES MEAN THINGS TO GOOD PEOPLE”, “Snake Shits All Over Himself”, “HEY VEGETA”, “Robotnik Drinks Liquid Nitrogen” and “Universal Disharmony”. Some years and a change of focus later he had something of a resurgence with “p”, a mostly in-real-time edited clip of PINGAS that was a touchstone of the then-popular trend of “live-editing” in YouTube Poop and associated frontiers. He has since ventured moreso into the “post-YTP” realm, for lack of a better term, with much of his more recent output being seconds-long single gag videos, but they are a testament to the fact that his comedic touch is still ever strong. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive