One of the more considerably underrated flash poopers, ssbbmaster33 was a creator of simple taste, regularly featuring explosions, a realistic render of Peter Griffin, crude RPG battles, and uses of Weegee and Mario’s floating head throughout a great majority of his work. This formula however proved to be enough to still gain him 1,600+ subscribers on YouTube, thanks to the hits “Youtube Poop: Mario’s Head Vs. Wario’s Head Vs. Weegee’s Head” and “Mario’s head is EVIL”. A considerably more technical editing style lay hidden under the more visible layers of his videos, occasionally poking its head out for a few seconds at a time, and he also had a natural talent for YTPMV. “YTPMV: Let Me Scrub All The Fear Away”, the YTPMV sections of “I. M. OVERJOYED.” and “Youtube Poop: Mama Luigi visits I.M.Meen’s Labyrinth” and the unfortunately lost “YTPMV: The Morshu Choir” are all signs of his prowess in that area. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive