It’s a hard feat to be a sentence-mixing YouTube Pooper and for your primary tool to be the unprecise Windows Movie Maker. That’s exactly what Waldfield did however, and it was all he needed to work his magic. His greatest collection of work remains his Very Uncensored series, with “Very Uncensored Winnie The Pooh” being his bonafide signature classic, an absolute masterstroke of quotable dialogue in ridiculously funny voices. Second to this achievement stands “Very Uncensored Looney Tunes”, later renamed to “‘Suck My Cock’ (the Bugs song)” and “Sonic’s Hot, Sticky Fluids”, which inspired a legion of responses from other YTPers using other shows and characters. He also had a notable talent for audio-only YTPs, with “Very Uncensored I Wanna Be a Hulkamaniac”, “Very Uncensored Ice Ice Baby” and “Very Uncensored Parents Just Don’t Understand” being hallmark examples of this element of his craft. These and his other classic works can be found in the archive below.

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