Captpan was never one of the Big Three, but he might as well have been. He had the quality videos, he had the subscriber count (16.5 thousand+ as of 2019), the sharp sense for accessible but also quite smart humor in his executions, he played a fantastic tennis match with Deepercutt, and had the entire YTP community at his feet with his secret operation of the KevinTAckerman account, acting as the silent taste-maker of YouTube Poop for many years. Among his incredible catalogue of work include “George’s Handsome Volcano Conkers”, “You Fool!”, “Gaymon”, “Obee Wang Force Feeds Queer Gong Gin His Man-Saber”, “Yar Har Fiddledeedee’s His Buccaneers” and “The Only Spongebob Poop Viacom Can’t Remove”. These and others can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive