dexter661994 was an early Ed, Edd n Eddy YTPer who was most active and most visible during 2007. His most popular videos from around this time included “MY FOOT!”, “Eddy’s Gourmet Race”, “I’ve changed some Dickies!” and “The EEnE Laser Collection”, all made in Windows Movie Maker and all reaching in the multi-hundred thousand view range. He had an initial trademark of starting all of his videos with a WMM-enhanced intro featuring various clips from EEnE soundtracked to Linkin Park with titles that read “Dexter661994’s productions” projected over it, something that now appears indelibly and nostalgically rooted to its time. While his focus shifted in subsequent years on his channel, videos featuring Ed, Edd n Eddy still appeared on his channel in between, doing so up until as recently as 2013. His work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive