They’ve gone under many names and deleted many of their accounts; originally rapskallionxyz, then mYZterbattyX, ArtichokeSpades, Hornet, and as of currently Al khir. They started out as a known contemporary alongside TheChutley and Imaperson and become progressively more and more obscure with each new account. What remains a constant is their legacy of having taken YouTube Poop and launched it directly into the stratosphere. Rumored to have actually taken drugs while making their videos, rapskallion’s work, especially from 2009 onward, is mostly indescribable, but feature some reoccurring elements such as Yngwie Malmsteen as a repeatedly used source. Visually they did things and went places that no other YTPer had gone before, waxing spacious, giant, prismatic, starry-eyed and magnificent, and it proved to be a powerful influence on players of YouTube Poop Tennis, where raps was often active. He is difficult to track, and a large chunk of his videos have become lost due to successive account deletions. Thankfully, due to a dedicated group of people who followed him best, there exists enough of his work to get a good idea of just what he was about and what he accomplished during his off and on time in the community consciousness. What has been saved of his work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive