Most people, especially older YouTube Poopers, consider SeductiveBaz’s “Youtube Poop – The Movie” to be the definitive YouTube Poop Movie if there ever was one. However, RevFirst (now RevSecond)’s own “Youtube Poop: The Movie” came pretty damn close to claiming that honor. With his uniquely cinematic style, Rev’s popularity came at a very slow build, but he has since garnered the recognition and attention that he deserves within YouTube Poop, even attracting positive reception from figures who had long become disenchanted with YouTube Poop as a whole. He has run the gamut regarding source choice, showing no fear in using just about anything in his videos, making work out of Robotnik, SpongeBob, Thomas The Tank Engine, Mario cartoons, Mega Man, King of the Hill, live action movies and politically-oriented content. Highlights among his work include “Thomas Was Everywhere”, “Robotnik Becomes a Sexual Terrorist”, “Super Mario Assity” and its sequel, and “The SimSim’s Go Bowling”. These can all be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive