How does an 11 to 12 year old kid manage to make videos of such stellar, artistic and emotional quality? Ask the Bittersweetheartbreaker herself; Verity Larsen, previously known as TheRazorEdge, RAZOR, possiblegod, and childhood sweetheart, and her guess would probably be as good as yours. When she stepped into the world of YouTube Poop Tennis in 2010, she immediately stood out as a prodigy of the sport, and maintained this position until the latter half of the decade, when she became much more reclusive. Her output won the admiration and respect of the entire active lineup of Tennis Fucks at the time, notwithstanding the rest of the community within tennis as well, playing positively received matches with Sploltoen, Father’s Shout, Mashu, AshcrementVII, ChrisGendo, GameBop, djninjalovemistake and Dew. Probably more than almost anyone else in the YTP community, she was an indirect heavy proponent of the idea that YouTube Poops do not have to be humorous to be entertaining. They can in fact be noisy, unsettling, disassociative, provocative, calming, and entrancing, and still work to its function. Verity was all of these things in her work and always yielded positive results that resonate heavily into the community even today. Her works can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive