CorruptionSound, also known as KnorruptionSound, has been everything once and more; a boldly explorative YouTube Pooper, Tenniser and to a lesser extent YTPMVer with a large and devoted cult following in both the USA and Germany. His editing style has explored every frontier possible, from editing in crude analog formats to almost every software and plugin possible to make edited videos with, complex and experimental to much more basic and humor-focused, with over 1,000 videos to his name. He has perhaps however made his definitive concrete name in the world of Tennis, being knighted as a Third Generation Tennis Fuck and being alongside dew among the very first to complete 100 matches in the history of the sport, and having currently played among the most matches ever. The style most associated with him is one that matches his name; a rapidly moving and often Corrupted collection of seconds-long edited video vignettes coupled with highly edited and processed audio often designed for an aurally pleasing noise-music based experience, and the various stylistic extensions of such, often yielding at any turn sudden brilliant bursts of amazing creativity and visual execution. Some of his best matches include ones played with GameBop, MycroProcessor (twice), GreatBritishTurd, Metzgorrre, a three-way with Metzgorrre and DaftPunkYoshi, Luioigi, Kurkop, a three-way with NEVERGONNAGETIT92000 and Metroid998, and autumnithink. He was also the winner of the 2012 Tennis Cup IV, which remains to today his greatest competitive run within the zone of tennis tournaments. He also has a noted reputation for his very silly and humorous source additions, and for never sticking to any one way of making videos, making each one of his new uploads something individual, interesting and entertaining if not for anyone but himself. His giant oeuvre of work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive