guysafari and Imaperson combined into one YouTube Pooper would yield something of extraordinary force; something of lightening speed, fever-dream precision, the combined power of 10 YTPers in one. In short, it would probably yield someone like avojaifnot. When Imaperson went through years of inactivity, it was Avo that fans of the Everything-Quickly style went to, and avo most certainly delivered in the videos they put out between from 2010-2013. While already fairly well-paced by the time of “The Hunchback of Haruhi Suzumiya” and “MULAN’S TOOTAT PROTOOS HER FROM HARH”, they would start kicking up the high-octane from “miss vitani pacman is exiled for eating nested sequence overloads” onward, reaching full speed ahead by the time of “Sid Tears Toys Apart, Lisa”, an incredible, unfortunately now-incomplete YouTube Poop Tennis match with contemporary YTPer HaHaHound, and “THE GRUMPY GILLS FAMILY EATS AT THE RESTAURANT OF THE INCREDIBLY STACKBABBING COLOR CURVY PHASERS”, by which time they had fully and definitively established themselves. They continued to stake out their stronghold onto YTP with hit after hit, including “Zira Throws Pride Rock Into A Black Hole And Exiles The Entire Universe” and “Orel Puppington Sings The No Children Song That Ends The Church” before becoming dormant sometime in the middle of a highly-anticipated tennis match with Imaperson, who would soon also enter into that position themselves. Fans wonder where avo is now, for the mark he left in YouTube Poop remains remarkable and he continues to be hailed as a hero and master of the post-classic style. His work on both the accounts avojaifnot and Squeeburton can be found in the archive below.

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