“Gaston’s Amazingly Sexy Tri-Organizer Nonsense” introduced three new powerful YTPers to the community in late 2009, with DualScreen77 among them, standing between BillyMorshu and JakeSteel0121. His part of the Gaston-themed mini collab, “YouTube Poop – Gaston Slays A Furry”, would serve to be both his breakout hit and his 4th most popular video on his channel. Absent of this, the other 28 videos he uploaded consisted of a mixture of different sources, with CD-I and various anime being familiar constants. He is also known for his two anime collabs, roughly 15 and 12 minutes long, and for popular videos such as “YouTube Poop – A DeLorean Made Out Of A DeLorean?” and “YouTube Poop – Gaston Has Father Issues”. The least active of the three after the Gaston collab, his last video was uploaded sometime in 2012, where after he retreated to parts unknown. His complete work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive