YouTube Poop often doesn’t look pretty or organized. It often appears messy, disjointed, organically shaped, with varying levels of thought put into its creation. The exact opposite of this is in fact another form that YouTube Poop can appear in, and one can become aware of this through the work of Sploltoen, formerly BSP666c/B5P666c, sometimes Pachirasu. Originally starting out as a mirror image of piodx, Sploltoen’s videos subsequently took on the appearance of a living computer, presenting sleek, smooth, very evenly spaced appearances, as if everything in the frame of his videos was keyframed and positioned with mathematical accuracy. A preference for Quake gameplay footage and Chelsea FC sports footage as signature sources often marks his videos, especially from late 2010 onward. He has been most at home in the world of YTP Tennis, where from 2010 onward he has become progressively more in demand as a player, and his editing style has progressively removed layers from itself, keeping its bare but unique essentials intact. He has made it very far in multiple tennis tournaments he has participated in, making it to the semifinals of the 2010 Three-Way Tournament, the finals of the 2013-2014 Multi-Way Tournament, and the finals of the 2017-2018 Doubles Cup III, and still has yet to see a win, but is more than deserving of one. His highlight matches include ones played with MycroProcessor, AshcrementVII, Kurkop, a three-way with ChrisGendo and Metzgorrre, and a three-way with GameBop and MycroProcessor that stretched across two matches and two different tournaments. Sploltoen’s work can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive