Part fruit, part Nazi-Tails, all Robotnik Grinning, drunk, a president, a galaxy, and several bowel movements made by Adolf Hitler. All of these and more, MrDrunkenFox is well known in the community for being the oldest mod of the YouChew Forums after Conrad Slater, serving from 2007 until 2016, with a 5 year break from 2010 to 2015 wherein he opted instead to be a second generation member of the Tennis Fucks. As a YouTube Pooper, he excelled mostly in the usage of old cartoons and classically styled animation, in videos like “The Genesis of Barnacle Bill the Sailor” and “Zag Zig Steals The Shah’s Balls”. He had a noted preference for the usage of Looney Tunes in his work, with the name CaptainFleaSam being a recurring name throughout his work with that source, and featuring in other works like “Rocky The Simple-Minded Economist”, “Old Grey Snake Meets Liquid Bing Crosby”, “Hogwild Stewart Meets the Pumpkin Club” and “Duck Twacy Meets the Pakistani Jukebox Thieves”. In the lore of YouChew history, his banning from the moderation staff toward the end of the Conrad era would serve to be a major impetus in the creation of the Planet Freedom forums, and subsequently the new leadership transition that began the Rabbit/TINS era. His work can be found in the archives below.

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