Quax94 was known to hate the name “YouTube Poop”, never titling any of his videos with it, but when it came to the videos themselves he was considerably one of the best of his generation at making them, and one of the most underrated, never breaking 1,000 subscribers during his active years. He was at the time alongside vvaluigi among the very most active of YTP tennis players, being one of the first to surpass 50 completed matches, with a style that veered anywhere between fast and energetic Sony Vegas editing to a translation of that over to Windows Movie Maker. He played competitive tennis from the 2008-2009 Doubles Cup I until the 2009-2010 Grey Tennis Tournament, and was a part of the winning team of the 2009 Tennis Season, the Windows Movie Maker Miscreants. He became mostly inactive from 2010 onward, briefly attempting a comeback in early 2012 that never saw a full manifestation. While his YTPs on his main account today remain privated, some of his work uploaded to an alt account has been archived, and can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive