Homurously described in sentence-mixed dialogue by GreatBritishTurd as “the NEFARIOUS Ashcrement, the NAPOLEON of Tennis Fucks”, AshcrementVII, originally AshramVII, was a Third Generation member of that staff, and the oldest to serve second only to RAKninja. Taking great influence from the tennis work of TheChutley, he was a player who was serious about the sport, concretely identifying it as a conversation and always playing it on his end like it was one, but also always making things silly, fun and entertaining in equal measure. His first match played was with ChrisGendo, with whom he hit it off with immediately and would become a kindred spirit with in the YouTube Poop Tennis community and beyond, leading to a rematch and collaboration in the 2011-2012 Doubles Cup II, which they were both winners of. Other highlight matches of his includes games played with Metroid998, both his matches with TheNoooo, RevSecond, GreatBritishTurd, TehShadezify, BillyMorshu, djninjalovemistake, and a 4-way between himself, ChrisGendo, Metroid998 and BigBowsa. He is also known for a long association with Professor Ratigan from The Great Mouse Detective, making it a signature source appearing in the majority of his videos, and for initially posting on the YouChew forums frequently in a whimsical adoption of Ratigan’s manner of speaking. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

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