Conrad Slater was at one time considered the oldest YouTube Pooper in the world until chemistryguy (and subsequently, Noisepuppet) appeared onto the scene. Already north of 40, married and with two children by the time he began making videos, he found YouTube Poop the Gary Larson way; as an individual with an established background in the field of chemical science who happened to find YTP to be quite amusing. His style, in his words, reflects off of the philosophy of Orpheusftw, in that “YouTube poop has never been synonymous with comedy”, something which he has explored in his many deconstructions of Blues Clues, old cartoons from his childhood, newer children’s shows, and as of recently more politically oriented content. His popularity boomed between 2011-2014, with his most famous works reaching up to a half-million views, almost all of them being Blue’s Clues YTPs. He also during this time played a fantastically recieved YTP Tennis match with TimoteiLSD, considered by many to be one of the best matches ever played, and was the creator behind the YouTube Poop page on Wikipedia. He’s still making videos even today, and is still maintaining a respectable draw of attention, still focusing on the things he knows how to make the best work out of. His videos can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive