For many, many fans, YouTube Poop is considered to be synonymous with, and utterly incomplete without at least a passing mention of cs188, currently the second most subscribed YouTube Pooper on YouTube today after EmperorLemon. He was one of the very first names to surpass the original Big Three in subscriber count during the early 2010s, clearly signifying that a change in the guard was on the way. He holds a total of 9 videos that have surpassed one million views on his channel, with his most popular, “[PSYTP] OPPA GODDAMN STYLE”, containing a staggering 13 million views and counting. He is known for his repeated usage of “JOJ” jokes in his work, for his ongoing series “Pooping The Charts”, wherein he makes YouTube Poops out of the latest hit singles in the US and their associated music videos, and for the majority of his work otherwise focusing mostly on Billy Mays, other informercials, other music videos, live action sitcoms, and political content. Other well known works of his include “IT’S ALL RIGHT HERE AT YOUR FINGERTITS”, “Gotye Knows Somebody That He Used”, and “THE UNUNITED STATE OF HYSTERIA”, and they can all be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive