Hefess, as he’s now known, could mix and mingle with Sony Vegas users as an Adobe Premiere Elements user like the best of them, and was one of the most popular YouTube Poopers of 2010 to use the software. While somewhat semi-formally a Robotnik YTPer, he is known for making the unusual creative choice to make one of his other trademark sources The Penguins Of Madagascar, and creating hits out of it with videos like “Youtube Poop: The Penguins Offed Madame Gasparin”. He originally began his rise to fame with “Marvin Gaye and His Booger”, an entry to Stuart K. Reilly’s Bugs Bunny Collab that was enthusiastically received by both Stu and others as the best entry. He continued this run with other big hits such as “Mario HOEDAMN CLEAVER TIE TOLL”, “Zelda Gets Breast Implants”, “Stuart K. Reilly makes chocolate pudding at 4am”, and culminating in “I’m The Goddamn Looney Tunes Sitcom”, which received an unexpectedly large amount of attention due to becoming featured in a Cartoon Brew article circa 2011. YTPMVs were also common from him, a very daring step due to the not terribly precise and difficult nature of his software of choice, but he was still able to yield “It’s fine.”, “YTPMV: Big Beat Sonic” and “YTPMV: Robotnik In Your Sleep” by doing so. Subsequent of YTP, Hefess has found a home for himself in a variety of activies including creating artwork and webcomics like the brilliant Tim, Tom and Jimbob, and excelling at the craft and execution of highly complicated Mario speedruns. His work can be viewed in the archives below.

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