Man-of-a-thousand-YouTube-accounts vvaluigi has also been known as TailsFan, ILoveMyTails, Tailssss, Murkroen, iguilavv, Sliatnos, and other names probably forgotten, with roots in and content on other accounts on YouTube such as vvaddle, KukoRio and The100RoundTennis, with all but only a handful of them closed by his own hand. Elusive and enigmatic, vvaluigi was at one point one of the most active players of YouTube Poop Tennis, playing over 60 matches by the time they more or less retired in 2011. These include competitive matches played in the 2008 Tennis League III, 2008-09 Doubles Cup I (alongside TheChutley before becoming replaced by trepmaws), the 2009 Windows Movie Master, the 2009 Tennis Season, the 2009-10 Grey Tennis Tournament (containing probably their most well known run, notably beating MycroProcessor in the first set), and the 2010-11 Three-Way Tournament. They often worked in a radically minimal style in comparison to their many opponents, and was one of the few to figure out how to make simple editing work to their advantage when it came to volleying more intense rounds, a quality that made them an in-demand player with both those inclined toward more technical and more classic-style editing. They are also well known for their ongoing 100-Round Tennis with TheChutley, started in 2008 and still going as recently as 2016, when they briefly reappeared to upload Round 74. Only a fraction of their once massive oeuvre still survives on the internet today and was, before this archive, immensely scattered and hidden across YouTube and Dailymotion in the form of original uploads on obscure accounts and the few reuploads saved by other associated names. Thankfully, with the archive below, we are able to see all that could be found and connected to vvaluigi now in one place, from solo work to tennis work and everything in between.

Video Archive