Often known as simply Miss10, she was for a long time the first and only female moderator/administrator of the YouChew Forums, and one of the longest to serve on the staff overall during the forums history. Her most lasting legacy when it comes to YouTube Poop itself, other than being one of the earliest and most prominent to have made YouTube Poops as a woman, is being one of the first ever two players of YouTube Poop Tennis, volleying against Conrad Slater in the now-legendary first match ever played. She played the game several more times, including in YouChew’s first ever two tournaments, the 2007 Tennis League I and the 2007-2008 Tennis League II, and also later played against Furnessly, MAZZ0Murder, and other names. She is the older sister of another YTPer known as toadomos, and was a part of the first ever YouChew meetup organized by Deepercutt. She is well known for her long association with both Yoshi (particularly of the animated, screaming variety) and the pokemon Mew, and has a presence in the YTP community even to this day, and a great deal of admiration and respect to go with it. Her works can be viewed in the archive below.

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