While Whelt was already known for his YouTube Poops of Disney films, at around the same time existed NovaBoso, who fully and enthusiastically made that almost his sole brand. He never achieved more than 400 subscribers in his entire time making videos, but he still made classic works such as “STOOPED LIDDEL BOIZ???”, “Donald Duck becomes the source of all anger.”, “OOGIE BOOGIE REPLACES HIS CURRENT PIPE WITH AN EVEN SMALLER ONE.”, “Mulan”, “ZIGZAG TARNISHES THE GOLDEN LAND” and “Mickey Mouse decides that it would be best if he were to visit a psychiatrist.” that far outstripped it in view counts. He has been largely inactive since 2012-2013, but his videos still continue to be loved and celebrated by those who had chance encounters with them. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive