shroomhead1 shares many things in common with other well-known YTPers; his editing style and source choices take heavily after that of UncleSamEagle, he’s a YTPMVer that subsequently became a musician in his own right like Kurkop and Glue70, he hails from Germany alongside names such as CorruptionSound, Metzgorrre and MaRillion, with his peak popularity and activity happening between 2009 and 2010, like far too many names to mention. As a YouTube Pooper, his signature use of aurally pleasant pitch bends and stutters made him a known presence in the community through hits such as “DONALD DUCK”, “Scar is a complete jackass”, “JAAAAAAAAAA”, “DR. RACIST”, “ROBOTNIK IS A GENIE II” and “Helga has hormone problems”. As a YTPMVer, he was a master of percussion-only composition, a talent that shines through videos like “percussire percussio percussivi percussitum” and “Tinyproblem666 jumps on it.”. This was also featured to a lesser extent in works like “YTP Football: Colin’s Sonata in ASS minor” and “YTP Football: Sittin on tha Bassline”, all of which highlighted his skill at musical composition. When David Bailey made himself known around 2010, shroomhead1 was one of the three people alongside Kurkop and MilkShakeManCP that he specifically named in direction of his first filmed discussions on YouTube Poop as a whole, something that much of the community got great amusement out of. He was a Breakbit/ROFLTrax artist alongside MrSimon, McMANGOS, Glue70 and DanielRadcliffe777, which served to be something of the start of his now-professional music career, having retired from YTP sometime in 2014. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive