Nominally he was very much cut from the same cloth as wayward but distant contemporary guysafari, but cupoficewater1 was probably the only YTPer to have managed to be even faster in pace. An unsung cult hero of the post-classic age, his videos continue to undergo rediscovery primarily from the newer generations of YTPers that he influenced. Every other frame of his videos, when examined closely, details a new idea, a new dissection, a new interperetation, as if his work makes up the fastest moving paintings of all time. He was once called by one user “the more extreme (but actually civilized) John K. of YTP” probably due to how he never did the same thing exactly twice, continuing to find new ways to speed-rip through his editing and give adrenaline rushes to his devoted following of over 1,680 subscribers. Among his most praised work is “link and the malevolent countenances”, “sixty-eight”, “STEVE LEAVES THE COFFEE MAKER ON” and “SHAGGY COVERS THE MOON WITH MUSTARD”. His works can be viewed in the archive below.

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