Guysafari made “Toys Gone Wild”, “Pride Patties”, “Ash’s Retarded Adventure”, “It’s Not Jackie Chen”, “The Diarrhea of Haruhi Suzumiya”, and “Youtube Poop: SHUT UP!!!!!!”. No, not the videos you’re thinking of. This was a well-revisited part of his sense of humor however, as many of his most well known works are YouTube Poops with stolen existing titles, either being a direct reinterpretation of the original or using a different source entirely, usually as an elaborate pun (his “Toys Gone Wild” primarily uses The Transformers). In a post-MTB710 age, guysafari was considered for a long time to have one of the fastest-paced editing styles of all of YouTube Poop, and was well equipped to gain and maintain a large following between 2009 and 2011. Much like cupoficewater1 and avojaifnot, his videos revealed new things with each viewing, with new and hidden ideas and split-second jokes existing inside each frame of his work. He also initially played YouTube Poop Tennis, with his last match being an incomplete 2010 game with SushieBoy, known for his rounds being edited in the direct antithesis of his trademark style. His last videos were uploaded in 2018 and he has since declared himself retired, mentioning he does “other stuff through a different name now”. His work can be found in the archives below.

Video Archives