A long time veteran of YouTube Poop Tennis, Luioigi can be seen in some ways as a direct continuation of the tennis work of ophios, developing that YTPer’s slow and hypnotic style into a presentation that effectively wore the clothes of what the trends of tennis were from 2009-2012. As a result of this, he stood out quite remarkably from most other players, letting sustained mood and feeling, complete with lots of reverb, be the dominating drive of the pace of his match responses, a quality that took him all the way to the semifinal match of the 2010 Three-Way Tournament. He otherwise also had presences in every tennis tournament from the 2008 Tennis Cup I to the 2012 Tennis Cup IV except for the 2009 Windows Movie Master and 2011-2012 Doubles Cup II, and all of his games stood out as ones to track. His unique source choices often included colorful gameplay footage, old childrens TV shows and old cartoons, with a keen eye for adaption if a match called for it, such as the running 80s-music-videos theme in his three-way match with JackTron7000 and TheChutley. Notable match highlights include games played with Moogle, Crash2991, CorruptionSound (twice), ChrisGendo, a three-way with GameBop and MycroProcessor, a three-way with Moogle and trepmaws, and a three-way with AshcrementVII and Metroid998. His work can be found in the archives below.

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