While often remaining out of the spotlight of much of the overall happenings of YTP, Metroid nevertheless has maintained a long and constant presence, with connections in and contributions made to every corner of the community. His most prominent place can be said to be within the world of YouTube Poop Tennis, where he has been a regular player since 2008 and eventually made a Fourth Generation member of the Tennis Fucks for his dedication. He was long one of the more active players, having completed over 50 matches by the time of YouChew’s closing and having participated in 9 tennis tournaments, of which his best winning streak occurred in the 2013 Triples Cup, where he played with his team as a finalist. Notable matches of his include ones played with RAKninja, AshcrementVII, a three-way with ChrisGendo and magmalord, Biodegradable, TehShadzify, GameBop, and a 4-way with ChrisGendo, AshcrementVII and BigBowsa. He has been a part of many notable video fads that have taken places in and on the fringes of the community as a whole, being a known secondary creator of “bone vids” alongside BigBowsa and others and having previously been involved in the antics of TheFamilyLawnmower and SecretSaladSociety. With friends in YTP, Tennis, YTPMV and elsewhere, he is held to high respect as a creator, and his videos are worth the discovery for all who are curious. They can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive