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A perennial YouTube Poop jokester and an unmistakable master of YouTube Poop Tennis, Cyggie, more famously known as TheChutley, has roots that reach far and deep in YouTube Poop. She is known as the individual who, while not the first to use it, was the definitive factor in bringing I.M. Meen into the spotlight as a YTP source (YTPsource was her first username, in fact!)through the video “PUT THE BOOK DOWN!!!” a video that later took off into an ongoing series with many parts, notably those made by close friend Imaperson. She soon after fell into the still-young world of YouTube Poop Tennis where she quickly found a home and fast friends in vvaluigi, trepmaws, ChrisGendo and MycroProcessor. Some of her most signature and well-known matches include those played with Imaperson (three times), GameBop, MycroProcessor, AbsoluteBillion, Crash2991, JakeSeel, trepmaws, dew, a three-way with MycroProcessor and LeSuperKoffee, a doubles match alongside trepmaws vs. GameBop and MycroProcessor, and the still-ongoing 100-Round Tennis with vvaluigi, currently three-quarters finished. She was one of the last of the Second Generation Tennis Fucks to be added, and was at her most active as a member of this staff in the mid 2010s, notably helping to host the 2015 Tennis League IV alongside GameBop, trepmaws and dew. Of particular note in her videos, especially in the early 2010s, was her incredible skillfulness in audio editing and processing/mastering, featuring sounds, effects and panning tricks used by almost no one else in YouTube Poop and making for very aurally pleasing listens. She slowed down between 2011-2014, but later became inspired again into activity after encountering the works of fiv95, adopting a radical change of style that ventured into an overwhelmingly silly and stream-of-consciousness direction. Her videos since 2014 have often featured a wide, eclectic array of video, images and music, often contributed from whoever was around Cyggie in chatspace at the time. These are considered by some to be just as good if not better than the work done in her earlier style. Her works can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive