Bean… in the MIIIIND

Active mostly during 2009 at a very young age, Architect1 or 52ofem is primarily known for a YouTube Poop Tennis match played with GameBop, the round titles of which (“quicktime magazine – Issue no. 52” and “creepy inrot theatre: quicktime edition”) were referenced a year later in a three-way match between LeSuperKoffee, MycroProcessor and TheChutley for an associated tennis tournament. She is also known for starting the Third YTP Chain, to date at a length of 44 different responses from many great YTPers and Tennisers from past and present(notable responses include those by GameBop, MycroProcessor, GreatBritishTurd and DanielRadcliffe777) lasting in its active form from 2009 and 2014 and with her Round 1 and 44 currently bookending it. Sometimes cropping up in the form of references within MycroProcessor’s videos, she has been described as an “interesting mind”, with an editing style mostly consisting of brief minimalist videos utilizing strange pan-crop movements to match. While never officially “retiring”, she has often remained comfortably hidden in the shadows of the greater community, and can often be found frequently making short songs of a pleasant 8-bit variety. Her old YTP-associated works can be found in the archive below.

Video Archive