McMaNGOS, originally McMungo and also popularly known by the nickname “Mick Mangles”, is recognized as one of the original fathers of YTPMV alongside MrSimon, and has remarkably continued to indulge and partake in it well into the present day. He has repetitively lost his account due to suspensions from YouTube, and has repetitively gained his account back again, a feat which has put him in the position of a “great survivor” in YouTube Poop’s long and informal War on Copyright against its host site. With his most popular works reaching in the range of hundreds of thousands of views, his first singular achievement came in the form of “THIS VIDEO CONTAINS WIN”, starting of one of the biggest YTP fads of the late 2000’s. He over time scored several more big hits in the realm of explicit YTPMV, including “Megalomashia [Undertale x Everything]”, “THAT U.N. OWENS A SPY”, “SKRILLEX TRIBUTE YTPMV”, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”, “yeah i even found the perfect song for it”, “Eddie’s Dickie Rap” and “【レッドゾーン】MANUEL ZONE”. He was also well known as a highly competent player of YouTube Poop Tennis, his matches with piodx, MycroProcessor and MrSimon being among his most celebrated and popular games. Having been one of the earliest artists on MrSimon’s Breakbit music label, he continues to find a respectable degree of cult success for his original non-YTPMV compositions. His work can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive