A seminal Robotnik YTPer initially active during 2008, Squirrelous remains highly regarded as a major influence to the YouTube Poop community of the era, including to figures such as valkiriforce, trepmaws, XBR4D3NX and CommanderGwonam (the latter-most of whom would directly lift Squirrelous’s frequent inclusions of background furry porn as a signature element of their own videos). His wholly individual way of editing sources and clever, unusual and often music-based sense of humor can be seen in classic works of his such as “Robotnik Wets His Sweater”, “The Wabbit Who Came”, “blueberry”, “THAT’S MAMA ROBOTNIK TO YOU, SCROUNDER”, “Robotnik Has Desires”, “Robotnik slicks Anberlin with a talking teddy bear” and his YouTube Poop Tennis match played with MeiAIDS, with his works from this period still viewed very fondly today. After a subsequent period in 2009 of releasing videos under the name Lithkun, Squirrelous reappeared on YouTube in 2012 under the name Joshymaw, and posted a new video titled “Fluttershy meets Martin Arnold”, signifying a full comeback. He was active under this name until 2017, wherein he announced he was moving to a new account, something that has yet to manifest. What has been saved and assembled of his work past and present can be viewed in the archive below.

Video Archive