Supposedly, the legend goes that when the YouChew Forums hosted its legendary “YouChew In The House” community event in 2008, the Cory in the House DS game that was signed and passed from user to user around the globe eventually ended up in the hands of BigFatPooperScoop, who subsequently vanished completely without a trace and took the DS game with him. This occurred in mid 2009, and up to that point BFPS’s primary claim to fame was being the creator of a whole slew of incredibly funny Seseme Street YTPs. His videos often reached in the tens of thousands of views and included among them classics like “Cookie Monster’s Anus”, “Cookie Monster’s Pornographic Painting”, “Puppet Semen” and “It’s Those Puppets Again”. No one knows what has happened to him since the conclusion of the afore-mentioned event, but one can only hope that he has gotten an incredible amount of enjoyment out of that DS game, enough to have made him retire almost as if on the spot. His work can found in the archive below.

Video Archive