I’ve followed Geibuchan longer than most people who know and praise him now. I can remember a time when he still had under a thousand subscribers, when he had yet to show his true prowess as a creator with Adobe Premiere, when “The King’s Epic Adventure” was only two parts long. That was in fact around the time I discovered him, somewhere in July of 2009; long before I had a YouTube account of my own, long before I had any inkling I wanted to make these silly videos myself. I was still becoming introduced to the world of YTP and had yet to really know of the depth that the community behind these videos went. I was barely scratching the surface. The fact that Geibuchan was one of the first people I uncovered in doing so should probably stand as a miracle of some kind. His videos, more than anyone else, changed my life during a time when I was still 14 years old, terribly isolated from the reality of the world, with a beady-eyed optimism for everything it contained.

I would check Geibuchan’s channel manually just about every week, waiting for the next video to appear around this time. Some periods would be a painfully long wait for whatever came next. I can remember clearly when his odyssey stepped into the early Adobe Premiere era with the upload of a video called “Bowser Gets an Ideear”, followed by “Sunday Wars: The Movie” and “Tomo Leaps Over a Duck”. These came to me as a slow transitional process wherin Geibuchan spent two and a half videos in the realm of Super Mario World, creating some absolutely brilliant moments(PIPE DOWN THE STEREO from “Sunday Wars” used to be positively, ear-splittingly, screen-shatteringly loud. It unfortunately is not as much anymore)before starting to move into uncharted territory with big strides. Azumanga Daioh! has of course always been a staple of his work, introducing many people including myself to the show by its own merits(its supremely delightful, calming, positive and very funny. Perfect material to help process current times), but with Premiere now in Geibuchan’s arsenal, the possibilities of what he could do with the show began to rapidly expand.

oooooooohhh thhhhaaaaaaattt…….DOESIT. DOESIT. DOOOOESSSITTTT

And then there was The Jungle Book. Many strange legends have TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLD of these JUNGles of India. But none so strange as the tale of small boy named MAMA LUIGI. With this video, and especially its following sequel, “Bagheera’s Cognitive Development is in Question”, Geibuchan proceeded to go from a curious fascination to a bona-fide hero of mine. Never, before or since, can I recall laughing as gut-wrenchingly, falling-out-of-my-chair-writhing-on-the-floor hard as I did when Baloo said “I’M TALKIN ABOUT LIKE A BIIIG BEAR” and proceeded to blast a giant laser from his mouth. From that point until the end of the video I was in absolute stitches, and I was a solid follower from that point onward no question. I didn’t think that it was possible for him to outdo something as brilliant as those two videos. And the brilliant thing about Geibuchan, as a testament to the quality of work he has put out for over a decade and counting, is that when you think that Gei cannot possibly outdo himself, he always proves you wrong.

“Tomo Leaps Over a Duck” and “Bagheera” was mid December 2009. Cut now to about two weeks later; the only video that Geibuchan has uploaded since then was an attempted entry to Stuart K. Reilly’s Bugs Bunny collab, an entry that, to my retrospective astonishment, was not accepted. Stu himself would go on to wholeheartedly embrace Geibuchan’s work as I have, but I will always find that little peice of history regarding that early intersection of the two of them to be utterly fascinating.

January 2010, I’m still dedicatedly checking Geibuchan’s channel for new material. Still no youtube account of my own, now with the seeds of my future venture into YTP planted however. On January 9th, I go to his channel, and I miraculously find that he has indeed uploaded a new video, his first of the decade, and that I manage to find it not 20 minutes after it had just been uploaded to Youtube. The thumbnail for the video hasn’t even processed yet, so I have absolutely no clue what to expect. All I have is the title: “Lumiere’s Gang-Afflicted Dinner Flambe of Tomfoolery”.

The video that lay within absolutely, utterly and completely changed my life. It was the best video I had ever seen Geibuchan make; better than “Bagheera”, better than “Tomo Leaps”, and for me at the time, even better than “The King’s Epic Adventure”. It became, and remains for me, my absolute most favorite Youtube Poop of all time. Today that video turns 10 years old.

The two Kirby segments of the video are entertaining placeholders for the real crown jewel portions that make the video what it is for me. Firstly, and most notably, that fucking Beauty and the Beast segment. While everyone at this time was focusing on Gaston, Geibuchan opted to use a scene that no one else was thinking of, the “Be Our Guest” scene. Lumiere invites you to relax, suggests that you “LET US BEAT YOUR NECK WITH AN AXE”, pull up a CHER, and presents Your FACE for DINNER. The segment is a slow build, but has so many segments that still make me drop dead with how funny they are. Things like A-AND IT’S ALL MY FAAULLLT, the WARNING: AIRLOCK OPENED, and the absolutely on-point sentence mixing, made funnier with the giant generated text.

A notable exploited moment is Cogsworth’s utterly baffling “CHKOTKDA” noise. Geibuchan and me think very alike on how much that singular noise was embedded in both our heads when we grew up repeatedly watching this movie, and it gave me supreme delight to discover that as I was watching this for the first time. Then the fucking machine gun sounds, the distorted close up, the GELATIN MONSTER bit, and more CHKOTKDAs. Mrs. Potts’ following sentence-mixed dialogue remains for me some of the funniest sentence mixing I’ve ever heard. The endlessly expanding dancing silverware is an obvious masterstroke move. Lumiere blowing the fucking speakers out by posing dramatically, only to return to the dying whisper of the original audio volume. The fucking Street Fighter scene with Cogsworth using his Mega-CHKOTKDA move. A flawless, flawless segment.


Finally, we eventually get to the Azumanga Daioh! segment; to me, the best one that Geibuchan ever did for all the hundreds of times he’s done so. It took me a couple times to understand why he included WE AIN’T AFRAID OF NO KOOPA, but once I saw it I thought it was fucking brilliant. The transition to the beach house scene. The IIIIIIIIIIII. The uses of “Let The Heartaches Begin” and then, the pouring alcohol segment, complete with Fun and Fancy Free.

This is the point in the video where the real positive emotions lay for me. When I first experienced that scene, its impossible to state the sheer EUPHORIA that it generated for me and still continues to to this day. The same can be said for that singular, incredible hallucinatory ending. William once commented that there was probably not anything like it in all of YTP, and he would probably be absolutely right about that. I still get goosebumps every time I watch that ending. It’s so Intense, vibrant, and full of everything that 2010 was in only a matter of seconds. Insane donald duck, Ocarina of Time, Robotnikclaus, a wayward FALCON PUNCH being heard, and red channel blended Osaka going QUIET AND PAY ATTENTION, YOU UNDERSTAND? in a dark, demonic voice. A dramatic but nonetheless genius ending to an otherwise joyous video. An ending that left you positively speechless, as it left me upon first watch.


The video itself is not one of Geibuchan’s best known. He has since made several, several masterpieces that have absolutely dwarfed it in popularity several times over. But its one I keep coming back to, and one I keep having positive experiences with. I.m hoping that with this Front Page Attention I’m giving to it, that readers can hopefully see and understand something of what I see in it.

It’s utterly undescribable the feelings that I get when I watch this video. More than any other YTP that I’ve seen multiple times, this video has a unique quality that far surpasses all of them. That quality is that this video gives me genuine, immense JOY. I feel calm, happy, many things that are hard for me to feel normally, every time I watch this. It takes me back to a Simpler Time, With Simpler Pleasures.

Geibuchan when he reads this article for himself, probably

2009 and 2010 were, or at least felt like to a young teenage mind such as myself in that period, early watershed years for the original generations of Youtube Poop. During this time, the medium had its first peak in its community activity; amazing and groundbreaking videos were coming out almost every week from dozens upon dozens of talented makers, and the form was being advanced incredibly on all fronts. It was a genuinely exciting time to be a fan of YouTube Poop and to be a YouTube Pooper itself. Incredible private collaborations and tennis matches, the 2010 Youchew Festival, the 2010 Three-Way Tennis Tournament, Wikiwow’s Mario Collab, the I STILL LOVE YOUCHEW Collab, the YouTube Poop NEWS episodes of that time, everything was bustling and lively and wonderful. Geibuchan’s “Lumiere’s Gang-Afflicted Dinner Flambe of Tomfoolery” arrived right in the crux of that moment in YTP History, and to me, it perfectly embodies and signifies that. The energy and feeling of that time just flows out of that video.

This was the video that made me fully decide and commit to entering into YTP and making these videos myself. I began to meticulously plan out the videos I was going to make, and on April 30, 2010, I finally created MountainDewMaNN, my first ever youtube account. It would be another 7 months before I finally ventered into make videos of my own, but I spent that entire time trying to find usable software in order to definitively get started. I was not computer savvy enough to know how to crack just yet. I tried buying Adobe Premiere Elements 8.0 with physical money gained from summer work, only to find it would not open in my Windows XP. I finally discovered Videopad, a free basic almost-WMM software in December 2010, and began to finally put out my first videos, hoping to get a taste of the incredible momentum I had witnessed across the previous year and a half. By that time though, I began to feel like it had passed me by; the winds of YTP began to change, and 2011 and 2012 didn’t nearly at all feel like the years that 2009 and 2010 were. The community had also gone through some major shifts and events during this era. I genuinely began to wonder if I was ever going to see YTP have golden years again. In all that time however, Geibuchan still kept uploading amazing and brilliant work, and perhaps even more great, we became best friends and mutual fans of each other. I think I can cut my losses pretty easily when I think about gains like that; he remains one of my closest friends in this community, and this is an article I’ve been waiting to write for quite some time. This is my tribute to him for over a decade of him being awesome, and a decade of this video in particular enriching my life as a YTPer and beyond.

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