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A Remote Desktop YTP Collaboration

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A Remote Desktop YTP Collaboration is a Youtube Poop collab hosted by MemeKirisame. It was uploaded on December 23nd, 2019 but ended up getten taken down by YouTube for violent content on December 24th, 2019. Arsenio Gutnikova reuploaded the collab unlisted on YouTube and mapo reuploaded it on MemeKirisame created a video on YouTube that links to the mirror uploads of this collaboration to ensure that people know that the collaboration exists.

The significance of this collaboration is the unusual idea of using the remote desktop software known as AnyDesk to collaborate on a remote desktop computer in real time instead of waiting for entries to be submitted made by Poopers in their own time. Participants can make as many entries as they want but with the limitation of waiting period of how many entries must be done before they make another entry. There is also a limit on how long their entries should be which was originally 20 seconds but was eventually extended to 30 seconds.

The remote desktops were hosted by mapo, zevio, and MemeKirisame. This collaboration took place from April 2019 to September 2019.


Before the collab materialized, MemeKirisame talked about the idea of using some sort of remote desktop program like TeamViewer to collaborate on the same computer. mapo has expressed concerns regarding security and privacy so MemeKirisame asked him if he can help out with setting up the remote desktop for this collaboration in the safe manner. mapo agreed but he needed to set up a system running Windows dedicated for this collaboration. He eventually settled with setting up a Windows 10 Bootcamp on his MacBook Pro and proceeded to install needed software like Vegas Pro 14, plugins, and other software that would be useful for this collaboration.

After this was done, mapo needs a remote desktop program to be used. mapo decided to avoid TeamViewer due to the poor quality of the software so mapo decided to look for a different one. What he is looking for is a program that is free, possible for multiple people to connect to the same remote dekstop, workable with Vegas Pro, emits sound, and is cross-platform especially since mapo uses Linux on his main computer. After some searching, mapo found AnyDesk which seems to fit the needs for this collaboration the best. Of course it does have issues such as the fact that it can lag time to time and that the default settings is very questionable security wise. But there is no other program that fits the criteria needed for a collaboration like this. The way the remote desktop is used is very unconventional for the intended purpose of such software.


The sequel to the collaboration, aptly named: The Remote Desktop YTP Collaboration 2, is currently in progress with mapo hosting the collaboration privately on Discord.

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