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MediaNice.jpg This article is about a Media Source, which is remixed to create a YouTube Poop.


Name: Balamory
Country of Origin: United Kingdom
Type of Source: TV show
Created By: Brian Jameson
Year Created: 2002

Number of Seasons: 4
Number of Episodes: 254
Year Ended: 2005

First Poop: Archie invents the universe by GWSampy

In Brief


Balamory tells strories about eight characters who are living in said town (in reality, Tobermory in Mull). Each episode begins with scene, where Archie, Edie, PC Plum and others come to Miss Hoolie to tell about their problems and tries to resolve them. Usually, a song is accompanied with said characters singing.

Media Information

  • Aired on CBeebies
  • Started in 2002
  • Ended in 2005
  • 254 episodes (Including Christmas Special)
  • Made in United Kingdom (specifically, Scotland)


With given emphasis to those seen in Youtube Poops:

  • Miss Hoolie
  • Archie the Inventor
  • PC Plum
  • Josie Jump
  • Spencer the Painter
  • Edie McCredie
  • Suzie Sweet
  • Penny Pocket


First Used By

Commonly Used By


Sometimes Used By


Liked by

  • This show is liked by both adults and kids.

Disliked by

  • People who don't like kids shows.

Further Information

  • This show also had a two tours.

Main Source For Poopers

  • Youtube

Official Website

BBC Site For Balamory