Bob (YouChew)

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Known to be the character often seen in Digdug25's avatar, he spends most of his time making faces and appearing on Deviantart.

This character, unlike Whore Yoshi, is one of Digdug25's original creations. While he will probably never be a REAL poop character, his name is known around the Youtube Poop community even without being of poop character status.


  • He is not a fan character of all things; If he was, I dont think he would have an article here.
  • Lives in the same building as Whore Yoshi. Relations to her are still undecided.
  • Not to be confused with Rob, the fan character of Bob.
  • He somehow found a way to be in M.U.G.E.N. as a playable character. That meant that he was the first YouTube Poop character to ever be in that game as a playable character.