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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
Closed.png The account CloggedoneXYZ has been Closed.
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 This user has been banned from the YouChew forums for a Dos attack on the server

Cloggedone (Otherwise known as Clogg) is just some guy from Indiana. He was banned in August 2008 due to a DoS attack on the site. He is oftently mistaken called Corpy Inked after an alt he made. He also has high-functioning autism, so don't hurt his feelings nah he's cool, he's a good guy. He only recently started making poops but than he closed his Youtube account.

August 2008 DoS Incident

After a raid organized on the forum after a kid named Midnalover95, Cloggedone's opinions got in the way and he DoSed the site. At first no one knew who it was until he admitted it to former admin RabbitSnore. Cloggedone after that caused a bunch of e-drama, basically claiming that the site was just like 4chan.

April 2011 Unban

While the entire site was on Planet Freedom after the Oz incident in April of 2011 (which he had a part in), Cloggedone was given a second chance and was unbanned from PF. While there, he started a lot of somewhat pointless threads and when he was called out on it, he made a large public apology thread. The moderators decided to let all of this slide. Later, he made a post in the "Favorite YouChew moments" thread saying his favorite moment was when he launched the DDoS attack on the site, and tried to justify it. At this point, the moderators decided not to let him back on YouChew.

Preferred Methods

  • Ear rape
  • Reversing
  • Stutter loop


Youtube account