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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

In brief

Demanga Is a pooper who joined the pooping scene in late 2008. He has a rather strong and disturbing fetish for royalty, and LOVES HIS FOOOOD with vigor. When asked why, Demanga explodes into song and dance, burning the eyes of any children within sight distance.


While browsing around Youtube, Demanga ran into the well known "Over 9000" fad. While watching the replies to it, he had ran into some versions of it containing differing amounts of exclamation points within the title. These replies were the same video but made silly with repeating scenes, effects, and sound edits. As one thing led to another, he found himself making his own wacky remixes of videos on his computer. After publishing his JogaTV remix video on Google Video and receiving no views or replies, he gave up on making them, eventually forgetting all about it.

It was not until he discovered the Cd-i games through a video on the Worst Consoles of Video Gaming by IGN, that he ran into Youtube Poops again. This time, Demanga was actually watching what was considered AIDS. For about half a year he continued to watch these, eventually becoming interested enough to look up the website "". Not being an avid master of the Internets, the blank sloppy format of the site and its strange not-AIDS version of Youtube Poop confused him, causing him to abandon it and just go back to watching Cd-i Poops on Youtube.

Eventually, when he was convinced enough to download the software for making them, Demanga started creating his own collection of dinerspagettiolo. After making about 5 or 6 of them (including the original DJ King "character" for which he is known on the forums), he looked up "" again, this time finding a MUCH different and cleaner looking website. Demanga immediately went for the forums, where he created an account on the 29th of March, 2009. After breaking through the newcomer barrier of changing your member group settings, he proceeded to go and make several threads containing all of his Cd-I (and Super Mario World) filled poops into the Poop Showroom. They were quickly shut down by users groaning about Cd-I and flaming for not posting an introduction. Confused and angry with the responses to all his hard work, he left the forum of elitist meanies and stopped youtube pooping for a while.

Demanga came back to the YouChewPoop forums during August of that same year. His tastes have changed dramatically since then, and Demanga has come to accept and enjoy all varieties of poop. He once believed in sub-whoring and view-mongering, much like other newcomers to the poop scene. He now believes that the point of poop is not for popularity or views, but to entertain oneself and express their thoughts through media, whether they be nonsensical and comical or not. Demanga now happily resides on Youchew, and with a couple hundred subscribers on Youtube.

First poop seen

(If it counts) [1]

Fuck off, I'm DJ in the morning

First poop made

Joga TV is dumb


gay shit

Preferred Sources

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • Sony Vegas 8
  • Newblue FX



  • Jakesteel copycats
  • Slow poops


Long periods of time between poops.


Helped spread knowledge of the "Only The Brave Can Rescue The Kidnapped Princess" source, along with lnsector's poop of it.

In Real Life

  • Somunchy
  • Zini


  • KroboProductions (at first)
  • Guysafiri
  • Shroomhead1
  • CommanderGwonam
  • Jakesteel


  • like, everyone

Poop Listing

Older Poops

Other Information

Demanga frequents the Youchew Xat and the Team Fortress 2 Youchew Server. You can also find him on Steam, Skype, and Starcraft 2 as Demanga#490.


  • Is known for his DJ King avatars
  • He's often sarcastic