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Enclosed Instruction Book

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Object.jpg This article is about an object that frequently appears in Youtube Poop.

The Enclosed Instruction Book is the third best-selling book in the universe, narrowly beat by the Bible and The Life Story of Dr. Robotnik to the top 3. It is the only other thing Fat Mario is obsessed with, besides uctions, fat, and toast. The Enclosed Instruction book contains

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Fat Mario saying the most infamous "If you need instructions on how to get through the hotels, check out the Enclosed Instruction Book."

unmeasurable power, and could even best Captain Falcon. Only the ORIGINAL copy of the Enclosed Instruction Book, owned by Fat Mario, contains power; the sold copies just contain the information on the pages of the book for you to read. The original Enclosed Instruction Book is part of the sacred trilogy of books.

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Fat Mario holding the Holy Book
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Gay Luigi's page in the holy book. Notice how they misspelled Regular.

The only thing that can defeat God Luigi.

History of the Enclosed Instruction Book

Long before Bowser captured The Princess, God Luigi ruled over the Mushroom Kingdom. It was up to Fat Mario to stop God Luigi's reign. After a heroic battle, God Luigi was captured in the instruction book forever. Then the book disappeared into thin air, leaving Fat Mario shocked. 7 months later, the book was found in Dinosaur World, found by Oogtar, who sat and drew pictures of naked men in it for pleasure (Rumors state the naked pictures were of Yoshi and You). Bowser was able to take it from him, but lost it in a poker game against Scratch and Grounder. Several weeks past by, and Dr. Robotnik began to wonder why Scratch and Grounder were always looking in that book. He snatched the book away, read it, and realized all the powers he could do to win the Yes/No argument against M. Bison and Captain Falcon. He traveled over back to the Mushroom Kingdom to tell Fat Mario the wonderful news, only to be disappointed by the fact he already knew those powers, and won that battle. Furious, Robotnik threw the book as far as he could into the sky, and the book was lost ever since. Other people have claimed to read the book, but we will never know....

Information in the Enclosed Instruction Book

Readers of The Enclosed Instruction Book