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Futures Passed Free Music

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“Futures Passed Free Music”, often called FPFM, was a netlabel that was established by Futures Passed in January of 2010. The label was renamed "Mind Antivirus Entertainment" in May 2012 and was active until 2014 when a spambot attack ravaged the site. The label was open to artists of many genres, several being Poopers, with all of its music released free to download.

Notable Artists

The record label was home to a number of Poopers, including:

Notable Releases

Some notable albums on FPFM include the following:

  • FPFM: 2010 Blend: This was the first label-artist-only release. This included demos and other odd tracks by the label's artists.
  • Dojin: This was originally released on the YouChew Forum. Once Ophios (the collaboration organizer) joined FPFM, it was added to the label's compilations.