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Get the Hint?

From Chewiki: 1% Funny, 99% Hot Gas

"It's hard to see through those clouds. I hope we can get rid of them! Get the hint?" Those were the words of Fat Mario when he and Gay Luigi climbed a beanstalk.

So What IS The Hint?

The Hint could be many things:

  • Gay Luigi was above Fat Mario when climbing the beanstalk, so maybe Luigi farted and the clouds represented Luigi's gases.
  • Fat Mario probably meant that you needed to go into the Sky Hotel and find a giant fan to blow away the clouds.
  • Fat Mario is just trying to confuse you, and the supposed "hint" isn't anything at all.
  • You might need to find Zombie Jesus up high in the sky.
  • It's an obvious sexual innuendo. Can't you see?
  • That Gay Luigi is gay and Fat Mario is fat, but you already knew that.
  • Fat Mario is about to masturbate with the vine.
  • You will find out that plumbers do wear ties and that there's going to be sex with crazed yuppies and a nun.