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Object.jpg This article is about an object that frequently appears in Youtube Poop.
Here's an example of a funny head.

Head is a part of the body, which (in most people) holds the brain.

Link often asks Gwonam what those heads are while they are on their way to Koridai on Gwonam's flying carpet.

It really shouldn't be confused with the other kind of "head".

Notable Heads

People With Heads

Most people, though some people never put it to use. A good example of these folks are WMG (also often referred as Viacom) and certain Youtube Poop characters.

Other Information


  • Some robots need other, smaller robots to become their heads. That's... actually pretty fucking stupid.
  • Some skateboard by Nash thinks that talking heads overhead the sky. That's... also retarded as Hell.
  • Al Snow says that everybody wants, needs, and loves head. That's... weird.
  • Off with his head!