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iClone is a Macintosh Windows program made for animating 3D movies.


iClone was a creature created by the company, "Reallusion, Inc.", in Taiwan, to animate objects. However, Reallusion was overrun by Doctor League, who took control of the company for his own purposes. With iClone and Adolf Hitler, he created Duck Donald, who was too powerful to be controlled, thus causing the mutant apocalypse. Duck Donald is not alone, for it has several other minions such as Mouse Mickey, Bunny Bugs, and forms of people from the world of Link and Mario's. Do not buy or download iClone. If you do, you will become a minion of Duck Donald.

{{#ev:youtube|x70IJoeOFfQ|320}}The first abomination created: Duck Donald.
{{#ev:youtube|FyKIE5t6ykM|320}}Mouse Mickey, a victim to Duck Donald's powers.
{{#ev:youtube|028yDv0B2bs|320}}Bunny Bugs was possibly a creation made from Duck Donald's free time.


{{#ev:youtube|osRoFdwQ_YM|320}}Luciano Pavarotti, being one of the victims of Duck Donald's attempts of conquering meatspace.