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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.
User.jpg  This article is about IsaiahTheVargas1117, a frequent editor and User of this wiki.

"IsaiahTheVargas1117" is a Pooper who focuses mostly on short poops and YTP Collabs, usually revolving around The Simpsons, and especially the popular Steamed Hams meme, which became popular around the same time of Isaiahs' start as a Pooper.


Isaiah started viewing YTPs around the time he discovered YouTube in 2010. It wasn't until 2014, when he created his YouTube channel, that he began following poopers like EmpLemon, cartoonlover98, and other big name poopers of the time. In early 2018, Isaiah created his first YTP, as a entry to Schaffrillas Productions' Robot Chicken Star Wars Collab. He joined Discord around the same time, joining in a group of smaller named poopers in Schaffrillas' Discord server. Soon after creating a few more collab entries, Isaiah adopted the YT name of IsaiahTheVargas1117, and in the midst of the Steamed Hams meme popularity, he began to involve the meme in his videos, which now not only represents his fandom for The Simpsons, but the meme and character of Seymour Skinner has become a key role in his online personality. Isaiah currently makes short meme videos and Youtube Poops, and is mostly known for his YTP Collabs, which have become some of his most popular videos.

First poop seen

First poop made


Preferred Sources

 -Steamed Hams
 -Treehouse of Horror

Preferred Methods

Preferred Software

  • iMovie (18-19)
  • Final Cut Pro (19-Present)




Isaiah's poops are usually criticized for not having great enough editing, not many funny jokes, and most relying too much on Steamed Hams in terms of a joke or a reference. As for his YTP Collabs, they are usually criticized for having a lot of mediocre entries/jokes, and sometimes going on for too long.


Isaiah's poops and videos have gotten decent attention in the YTP Community, and he has been able to collaborate with many popular poopers, including collabing with Waltman13, NationOfOranges696, Yoshimaniac, and guest appearing in multiple videos by Schaffrillas Productions. Isaiah's videos have ranged in views over 1k, with his collabs ranging from 10k to 200k views. Isaiah currently has 4.6k subscribers.





Poop Listing

Other Information


  • Isaiah's first few poops had his full name before adopting his YT channel name with the release of his Nick Jr. Face Collab Entry
  • Isaiah uploaded videos of VHS openings and closings as well as Goosebumps before making his first YTP.
  • Isaiah almost scrapped the idea of a Treehouse of Horror YTP Collab, thinking his Looney Tunes collab would grab more attention.
  • A clip of Isaiah from his ToH Collab announcement of him disclosing a joke rule about "No Dead MayMays (memes) in My Collab" has become popular among poopers who use jokes that involve a meme that is considered dead.


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