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NicePooper.jpg This article is about a creator of YouTube Poop videos, known as a Youtube Pooper.

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In brief

Jedi787Plus is a novice pooper notorious for his poops and re-poops of one single same MythBusters sketch - Fun with Gas. He also specializes in Sparta remixes and "Lex Luthor >" fads (or, as he calls them, Lex Luthor rebukes). He seems to have an overrated obsession with anything that is "WRONG!!!" or anything that is worth at least 599 U.S. Dollars (US$ 599), as evidenced by most of his poops, which he refuses to call poops but prefer to call instead "poop quickies".

Mama Luigi's Spaghetti delivery box, as designed by Jedi787Plus

He was once hired by Mama Luigi to re-design the delivery box for his Mama Luigi's Spaghetti restaurant when it was commemorating its 25th anniversary.

Most recently he has largely abandoned pooping the MythBusters, focusing his attention instead on Lex Luthor rebukes and YTPMVs. He just finished his first full-length poop BTW, and it has no single trace of MythBusters.


First poop seen

Sonic takes over the Mushroom Kingdom by mario9090777 (unavailable because his account was suspended by YouTube)

First quickie poop made

MythBusters - Fun with Gas (US$599 Edition)

Most popular quickie poop

MythBusters - Fun with Gas (Over 9000 Calories Edition)


Most infamous quickie poop

MythBusters - Adam's WRONG Fun with 9000+ Calorie DINNER and US$599 SnooPINGAS

First quickie poop that doesn't rely on overdone jokes

MythBusters - Fun With Gas (Happy Days/Figaro Edition)

First full poop made

Lex Luthor vs. M. Bison: The New Argument of the Century


Currently working on these poop projects

  • Robot Chicken WRONG Special
  • Mama Luigi's Spaghetti


Relies mostly on overdone word replacing, much to the distaste of other Poopers like Tanzfete and Yenehckcid.


Preferred Methods

  • word replacing (with overused/overdone/overrated voice-overs)
  • slowdowns (to provide Satanic voices)
  • speedups (to provide chipmunkish voices)
  • stutter loops
  • color inversions (sometimes to provide seizures)
  • image flips

Favorite Quotes




  • Playstation 3
  • Cum
  • Tourettes Guy
  • Ear Rapes
  • 4chan
  • not4chan and all its sick lolicon
  • the fact that Microsoft discontinued Digital Image in favor of that stupid useless feature-less Windows Live Photo Gallery
  • the fact that Microsoft Office Picture Manager cannot set transparent colors like Photo Editor did years ago
  • the fact that MPEG Video Wizard cannot reverse audio (even though it can reverse video)
  • Underused jokes


  • Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD for audio/video editing and remixing (still doesn't compare to Sony Vegas)
  • Microsoft Digital Image Suite Anniversary Edition (WAY cheaper than Photoshop yet nearly as powerful; AND MICRO$OFT DISCONTINUED IT IN FAVOR OF THAT GAY Windows Live Photo Gallery which has really no useful features at all!)
  • Microsoft Photo Editor (included only with Microsoft Office XP and below; can specify specific colors as transparent for GIF/PNG images, SOMETHING MICRO$OFT REMOVED FROM Office Picture Manager!)
  • Wavosaur for audio editing (pitch-shifts, G-major effects, still doesn't compare to FL Studio)


  • Some YTPMV... (Sparta remixes, maybe?)

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