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Kajetokun is someone who single-handedly started the "OVER 9000" meme/fad of 4chan/Youtube. This video, although containing win upon its creation, quickly spread like cancer around websites beyond 4chan and Youtube. Of course, this cancer is malignant, and only exacerbated by people who join bandwagons too late. Despite the fact that the video is considered a YouTube Poop by less familiar users, and the fact that "over 9000" (sadly) crept its way into poop, Kajetokun is neither a pooper nor somebody who considers his videos such. SuperYoshi himself has stated that he dislikes when Kajetokun is considered a pooper, since he wasn't inspired by SuperYoshi or any of his friends when making the "9000" video.

He has been described by Japanator as "the forerunner in internet pop culture",

The 9000 video was deleted due to a copyright claim by some... unknown user nobody has ever heard of, named "ofutassi614", who is likely a troll envious of its popularity. (Excuse us while we go celebrate.) It has since been restored.

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