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This article is about the display of affection. You may have been looking for the band.
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A kiss is when the lips touch a part of the body. That is to show affection to someone, especially if both the giver's lips and the receiver's lips touch each other. It is written, Link is the best kisser in Hyrule; but surprisingly, Gian is the best kisser in Japan.

It is also a band that was born in the '70s that still exists as of today.

In addition to that, it is the title of an awesome song by Prince & the Revolution.

People Who Kiss

People Who Kiss Pussy (Yes, You Can Do That.)

  • Everyone except for gay men, straight women, and asexual people.

People Who Kiss Penis...

  • Gay men, bisexual people, and straight women.

People Who Kiss On The Lips

  • ...Figure it out.