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Object.jpg This article is about an object that frequently appears in Youtube Poop.
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MY LAMP! suffers the inevitable grisly fate
(Not) MY LAMP!
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He REALLY liked that lava lamp.

A lava lamp belong to Eddy that suffers all kinds of abuse, from being swallowed whole to getting made part of an ad-hoc ant farm to being abducted and shoved in a time capsule. It's almost like the Wile E. Coyote or Kenny McCormick of household furniture. On September 20, 1999, it met its demise when it was eaten by Ed (causing his eyes to glow orange) and dissolved into his stomach acid. Eddy secretly went down to the sewer on September 21, 1999, caught a sample of Ed's crap, buried it, and carved a gravestone over the sample of crap.